Ow Exceptional is New York? Migration and Multiculturalism in the Empire City (Blackboard)

Option 9-Immigration: How Exceptional is New York? Migration and Multiculturalism in
the Empire City (Blackboard)
This article builds on the a?city as contexta framework in analyzing the way the unique
features of particular cities help in understanding the effects of immigration and resulting
cultural diversity. The focus is on New York City and on how recent immigration has
transformed the social construction of race and ethnicity and the nature of intergroup relations
there. New Yorkas remarkable ethnic and racial diversity, its immigrant history, and institutions
have combined to make it a receiving city, in many ways, like no other in the United States.
Multiculturalism, it is argued, has evolved there in what might be called a particular New York
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this is the mane of the book we used in class You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist (2nd ed”
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