Ow Facebook Affect Peopleas Self-Esteem negatively?

This is my thesis statement for my essay:
Overall, Facebook decrease peopleas satisfaction with their own lives after spending time on Facebook by viewing the number of a?likesa? others got, than it increase how negatively people saw themselves by comparison , ultimately it affects how people function in the real world.

i need 7 sources in this essay.
1. two peer reviewed articles
2. one print book or ebook
3. one OPPOSING sources
4. three web sources (journal article, or magazines)

This is an proposal argument essay
1. you have to state the problem clearly (show how problem personaly affects the reader)
2. proposed a solution clearly (provide example to support)
3. explain why the solution works
4. demonstrated how it works
5. addressed possible objections (show respect for the other sides of argument
6. show why the solution is better than alternatives
7. projected a fair and reasonable persona

structure of the essay:
Introduction, background, lines of argument, alternative arguments, conclusion