Ow fair is the congressional redistricting process?

Actually the paper subject is Public administrationbut I cannot find it in the tool bar.
The paper topic is How fair is the congressional redistricting process? I will explore a?fairnessa? in the redistricting process in three ways.

1. Technical Fairness: Technical fairness I will define as the use of demographics and communities of interest in order to define the districts. The districts do have a requirement of population and a very small deviation (.5%) between the districts.
2. Legal Fairness: What are the legal requirements of defining congressional districts other than the technical requirements? How are these legal requirements accounted for in this process?
3. Public Input Fairness: There is a new requirement of public input is required in this process. The public is allowed to submit maps and these maps need to be taken into consideration by the commission.
And the literature review has a few parts including causes, program and cases, and summary.I will give you an example of homeless shelter.
Literature Review:
Causes of Homelessness
Homeless Programs
Performance Assessments Metrics, Outputs and Outcomes, Case
Follow the format above to write down the paper.