Ow far a company in the UK faces barriers to new product innovation?

ou will need an analytical framework to answer this question. It could relate to
| the detail of product introduction in the ways you suggest. My preference though is
| a framework that is broader in scope to start with. This broader framework could be
| the focus of the literature review based on answering the question why would firms
| want to create a new product in the first place, why would they decide on one type
| of new product rather than another and what barriers might they face in doing this.
| These questions are central to a large literature on innovation. The research
| methodology phase of the project might analyse the detail behind translating market
| requirements into firm new product supply along the lines you suggest e.g from
| concept to detailed definition, and the other points you rise.
I want you to write research results based on the Community Innovation Survey . this should include the analysis of survey and calculations.