Ow far can markets be considered free? Discuss in the general case, or with reference to a country case study

a? This is a research paper for a class of Political economy of Development.br /
a? The focus should be on developping countries, and their exploitation by western countries (cheap labour, migration, washingtont consensus policies). All this should be linked to THE question of to what degree can we say that markets are free.br /
a? The focus of the paper is NOT economics, but more policy, development and socioal aspects.br /
a? The paper should have an introduction where it unveils explicitly at the end of it the argument and structure of the essay. br /
a? Then the body should be composed of three Main points with, and then a conclusion and references. br /
a? References should be mainly from academic journals.br /
a? At least 10 references should be used. I will attach some papers to use later.