Ow far did economic restrictions cause the Nazis to fail in World War II?

You need to include: Analysis of the role of the economy in hindering Nazi performance during World War II, including the impact of the war breaking out earlier than the Nazis anticipated, in addition to the continued economic restraints during the war itself e.g. the thriving black markets within Germany due to allied bombings. Evaluate the role of other factors which may have contributed towards Nazi Germanyi??s defeat in 1945, in comparison to the role of the economy, these will include: the role of Hitler as leader, military strategies which impacted on their performance during the war effort, the role of Germanyi??s allies, and opposition groups within Germany itself e.g. the White Rose group and the July Plot. Provide a substantiated judgement within your conclusion in relation to the question i.e. did the Nazis fail in World War II or did they fail due to other factor(s)?