Ow far did the a?Bush Doctrinea constitute a radical shift in US foreign policy?

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How far did the a?Bush Doctrinea constitute a radical shift in US foreign policy?

This essay is an analysis a deep analyse of the Bush Dourine and to found out the answer to the essay title above no need for yes or no answer I need to explain what is the Bush doctrine and where is it radical and where is not also compare the bush doctrine and foreign policy with the US foreign policy during the could war and after the end of the could war also during Bush seiner time and Clinton also

Plz make the essay easy to read and understand no need for very difficult and long words however the essay must be in high quality and academy

President Bush speech in west point 2002 and The National Security Strategy of the United State of America (September 2002) are very important and must be analysis deeply to explain Bush doctrine and his vision and of the war on terrorism

I have list of books and articles must be used as reference and source and no problem of using more but my list must be used and must be in the footnotes and the Bibliography and I need at list (90 to 100) footnotes every thing we put in the essay must have reference and I had the instruction of the Chicago footnotes style which must be used and must be followed.

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Introduction (round 400-500 word)

Into must tell what is this essay about and what the essay will talk about and how we will talk about it (tell what u going to tell)

President Bush (round 400-500 word)

a? Who is bush before he became the president

a? Bush in his first few months as president(before 9/11

a? President Bush (style a vision a interest )


What is the US forgen policy beofr 9/11(round 700-800 word)

a? The US forgen policy during the cold war

a? The end of the cold war and the fall of Berlin wall

a? The gulf war and president Bush the father and Iraq

a? President Clinton and his foreign policy and promoting democracy


9/11 and the war on terrorism(round 700-800 word)

a? Bush reaction to 9/11 attack and thinking of Iraq before Afghanistan

a? Afghanistan invasion

a? Iraq and bush non finished business


What is Bush doctrine (round 1000-1200 word)

a? Analysis the Bush speech in West Point Collage Jun 2002

a? Analysis the National Security Strategy of the USA sep 2002

a? How president Bush and his administration justify their action and decision after 9/11( Decision point book)

a? The war in terrorism theory and doctrine

a? The axis of evil and bush dividing the world with US or against


What is the radical and what is not radical in Bush |doctrine (round 1000-1200 word)

a? Looking into Robert Jervis article(Understanding the Bush doctrine) and analysis the 4 element of Bush doctrine which is

a? Democracy and liberalism what is the different between bush and Clinton way of spreading democracy and freedom using military and forces and the radical way of spreading US values)

a? Threat and preventive analysis the shift in US foreign policy before 9/11 and after and is that radical or it is the same way that US has

a? American hegemony and been the only supper power

a? Unilaterally

a? Is the word redical is the best to describe the bush doctrine or we should use anther word to describe it

a? How bush did explain and justified what he did must be explained and highlight clearly

Conclusion (round 400-500 word)

a? Telling what u have told me and summarise the whole essay

a? But the final answer to the title



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nguyen manh hung . the Bush doctrine a a minority view

Here are some Important Points to be followed for the footnotes (Chicago mothed).

1. Essay should be written in the third person.

2. Essay should be written in Arial 11, using one and half spacing and double sided.

References: Footnotes

1. Footnote numbers in the main text are placed at the end of the passage to which they refer.

2. Footnote number comes after the punctuation and that there is no space between the end of the text and the footnote number..


1. Use single quotation marksa? a?-to enclose the quoted words.

2. Double quotation marksa? a?are used to mark off quotation within a longer quoted passage.

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4. Each quotation must have a footnote.

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Footnoting Method

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