Ow far has the Consumer Protection Act 1987 Succeeded in protecting consumers more as compared to Tort and Contract

I have got to go for a holiday tommorrow and am unable to find time to organize my essay. I have used a few cases and a book the link of which I will be sending to you. The relevant pages used are pages 300 to about 312. I would like you to please find and add some sources to add to the bibliograpy at the bottom so it looks like I have used more sources even though all sources will generally say the same thing it should look as if more than one or two sources have been used maybe a few books, journals and articles can be put in the bibliograpy. I do not know how to do the intext referencing and would be grateful if you could enusre this is done correctly by the time you return the assigment to me. Please also add some footnotes as this makes teh assisgment look more professional.
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