Ow far is Beatrice in custody of our comic pleasure and to whom we must attend.

Thesis: does Beatrice control the comedy-why? Is she the most commanding character on stage throughout? What does Beatrice represent/symbolise?

Consider the opening scenes. How does Beatricei??s character gain i??custodyi?? of the comedy? What are the advantages of introducing her in this comic realm-what does it allow her to do?

How and why does Beatricei??s character facilitate a comic treatment of courtly love?

To what extent does Beatricei??s comedy rely on Benedick?

Is there a pivotal point where Beatrice is moved out of the comic realm? How can you see from her language this shift? Does she have more or less of the audience attention at that pointi??and after?

How funny is Beatrice by the end of the play? Comment on her language to justify your ideas. Why does Shakespeare resolve Beatricei??s and Benedicki??s relationship in this way? Must we still i??attendi?? to Beatrice?
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(how dos she control the comedy and should we pay attention to her)
Please use the structure I sent you above and fully link to question and comedy
This question is all in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
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Shakespeare allows Beatrice to command the start of the comedy in order to deride and partly to decry the sexual hypocrisy of Elizabethan England. Theoretically, Beatrice should be part of the comic subplot of the play, but most of the comedy is centred on Beatrice and Benedick s resolution of their  merry war so in this way, Beatrices character does monopolise our attention more than we would expect of a subplot character. However, Beatrice does not have complete custody of our attention or the comic drive as her character relies too heavily on Benedick to create a resolution to all the problems and by the end of the play he is more convincingly comic than Beatrice.
Use this thesis statement
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