Ow far neuromarketing can go ethically?

An Introduction to the Academic Research Literature:

You will then review the academic research literature, and ascertain the main strands of literature and themes relating to your Question/Hypothesis. Present an overview of the main themes and perspectives in the literature.


You will provide a detailed discussion of the themes a in response to your

Question/Hypothesis (and sub questions): You will provide a detailed critique of relevant literature and methods used in the research literature. Within your Discussion you will need to think critically about what is known and what is not known in relation to your question or hypothesis (and sub questions). As well as thinking about issues such as reliability and validity, you will also consider the nature of the knowledge you are reviewing a and its usefulness in addressing the questions/hypothesis. Knowledge of different research philosophies and methodologies would help here. Try and avoid description. Section A requires you to think critically about what you read. As previously stated: Your discussion of the literature will be critical and well-reasoned. Your opinions, statements, assertions and arguments will be the result of careful consideration and analysis of the evidence in the secondary sources (as much as possible they will not be based on common sense or taken for granted assumptions) and your conclusions will be well considered and thought through. You will need to question and discuss the extent to which your analysis of academic knowledge helps you provide answers to your question/hypothesis. As mentioned earlier, the sub questions may help you structure your work a and could give you a structure in which to think about the topic and respond to your question/hypothesis. It may turn out however, that there are a number of themes within your sub questions. In your analysis and discussion of the (academic) evidence in the literature you can a where you feel it is useful, refer back to the wider view presented in the Initial Proposal a including the non-academic/conventional wisdom on the topic. You might want to make some interesting links or observations when discussing issues/topics in response to your question/hypothesis. However, please remember: Your main source in the Final Report will be academic research literature a i.e. journal articles.