Ow far was St. Augustines mission a key turning point in the conversion of Britain 550-700

Main source for all knowledge should be Bede The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. All the following should be included: Oswei The synod of whitby (which one is right, which leads to the keys to heaven). Christianity the natural growth of a medieval king (becoming more central)?? Oswald & first trying religion granting land to the church. How Egfrith (a warrior) sets up a monastry Jarrow. How christianity linked in with military power, prestige etc. Look at Bede and his views and thoughts on it all, and how he portrays Wilfred (1st roman catholic saint) + the irish celtic delegation. Bede was there writing it all at the time so he is very very very important. Furthermore, was the church helping stabilise the state or was the impact of the church making things more stable? The church may have been liked because it supported a hierarchical nature top down approach. Although this approach when trying to convert people doesnt always guarantee long-term results. Look at how Bede presents individuals! Edwin his experience + kentish experience roman experience -identify the nature of the Roman admission + church ethos/catholic history. Compare the conversion of Edwin & Oswald Edwins being forced, for political reasons a political marriage too. Oswald however was surrounded by truly holy people growing up and hence it was in his soul. Thank You