Ow fashion as a styling tool can be used for self expression

self expression as in the thoughts ideas and the character of a person.
In this paper please refrain from hard words as I am in my freshman year of university.
So far I have written in my paper how a person can express himself when he style his own clothes and my sub claims are: how much desire a person have for self expression: (that is when a person wants to express himself he tend to have more confidence thus he can reflect himself easily), the attitude they need to carry: (the attitude is an indicate of the personality), and the right timing for self expressing: (you cant express yourself FULLY at work because you need to appear professional) .

In this paper I want you to write about 5 authors.
3 authors that agree with my argument and 2 that oppose me ( 2 of them should be researched, and I will upload 4 texts). 2 Authors must oppose me, you should imagine their opposition from their point of view and argue against them. 3 Authors should be with my argument. I researched 1 author and chose you are what you wear by the author jennifer baumgartner, and the second author please search it and I need to have access to the book. Also, please send me the name of book of the author you are going to research. Please use quotes for every argument the number of page next to it.