Ow FDI Helps Nurture Domestic Competition Environment?

Your Research Outline encompasses the following with reference to your dissertation topic:

(i) Definition of the topic through a summary of the general focus / motivation of dissertation that should demonstrate a coherent economics based approach to the chosen topic. The research question(s) to be investigated should also be clearly explained in this section. [

approximately 300 words]

(ii) The development of a theoretical framework literature review which should outline the key aspects of the relevant economic theory and be fully referenced in relation to origination and application of the theory. [

approximately 1000-1500 words]

(iii) Empirical / Contextual literature review to support the specific methodology or approach to be taken to answer your research question(s). These should be discussed in terms of a critical summary / discussion of previous literature.

NB only use academically credible studies e.g. refereed journal articles, books, working papers, government/NGO reports etc. [approximately 1000-1500 words]

(iv) Explain the method and data to be used, which should address discuss issues such as: what methods are appropriate to answering your research question(s)? What data / variables will you use? Where is it from? How will you analyse it? [

approximately 200 words]

Guidance notes:

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The primary objective of the Research Outline is developing the theoretical framework and empirical / contextual literature chapters for your research area.


This research outline is half of my dissertation, and will all be used in my dissertation. I really need a boost as my other grades arent too impressive and this dissertation is 40% of my degree this year

The dissertation needs to be directed towards a specific country or region i think, the deng and Jefferson paper is on china so maybe about china, or you can talk about other countries as well if its related. I hope you judge wisely on how you decide to write it but please write it in the best way possible so that it will be marked well for a 3rd year economics student.


Referencing Requirements:

It was recommended to me that this topic should be some sort of extension of Deng and Jefferson paper (2000)Explaining Spatial Convergence of Chinas Industrial Productivity.

Not that the whole dissertation should be based on only this, as its a dissertation it should take into account many different views.

I have many other references that Id like you to use, Ill name a few so you can get started but will try upload them all for you soon.

A review of the empirical literature on fdi determinants 2005 Blonigen

The location of foreign direct investment: an empirical analysis 1999 Bilington

The European union in the new economy: fdi, technology flows and economic growth 2003 Anderson

Foreign investment location and institutional development in transition economies 2004 Bevan, Estrin, Meyer.

Perspectives on multinational enterprises in emerging economies 2004 Meyer