Ow Feminst Activism Affects Womens Social Status

Critical Reflection Essay
This course aims to sharpen your critical reflection skills, and I encourage these analyses through the Critical Reflection Essay. You are required to write an essay in which you state a thesis, critically reflect on one set of the readings, and draw on two outside sources to support your case. Your critical reflection essay should clearly demonstrate to me that you fully understand, and can clearly articulate, the lesson content.
In order to receive full credit, do the following:
?Introduce and summarize the general points presented in the lessoni??s readings and lecture(below i attached the lecture and lessoni??s reading).You need to clearly show mastery of the topic at hand before moving forward. Be sure your introduction includes a thesis statement to tell your reader the focus of your paper.
?Analyze and synthesize one or two particular topics from the reading or lesson lecture that you found particularly interesting and deserving of further attention. Support your thesis with concrete examples from the sources you use. Use page numbers and direct quotes to cite your sources.
?Pose critical questions about what is at stake in this debate for feminists i?? why is this particular topic a feminist issue?
?Connect these ideas to other course readings or themes or to feminism in general. Reflect on how this subject matter may relate to other issues we have discussed in the course.
?Write 1000-1200 words. Citations are not included in this word count.
?In addition to the above criteria, your paper will be graded based on the following criteria: correct use of citations (both in text and in a bibliography at the end of your paper) and spelling and grammar.