Ow Florence Nightengale Would View the Practice of CRNAs today

I need a fairly short term paper/ essay using Florence Nightengales book Notes on Nursing(~100 pages). Quotes that relate to 25 different topics need to be referenced out of this book and a summary/conclusion made about how she would feel about CRNAs of today. Id like to talk to the writter first and I would like them to be American (afraid an English writter may use words I might not be
apt to use.) Probably needs to be about 5 pages but no required length
assigned. Topics to be covered are: malpractice, legal system-civil and
criminal, criminal negligence, expert wittness, captain of the ship,
abandonment, documentation, informed consent, nurse practice act, lobbying,licensure, credentialing and privileges, healthcare system in the US-medicare,professional organizationsAANA and state associations, living wills, durable power of attorney, DNR, peer assistance, nurse anesthesia practice-liability issues, deference, standards of care, vicarious liability, negligence (duty,breach,causation, damages), civil law,private practice and billing and finally nurse anesthesia regulatory issues. All these concepts were defined in a text book A Proffesional Study and Resourse Guide for the CRNA edited by Scot D. Foster and published by AANA publishing. The two sourses are listed in this instruction request. All topics have to be addressed as to how Florence Nightengales opinion from her book portrays her views on Nursing with quotes from the book to back up that opinion. Please notify me with any questions are concerns.