Ow Ford Motor Company achieving global competitive advantage.

Topic: How Ford Motor Company achieving global competitive advantage.


** I do not need an introduction and Conclusion

You are asked to explore how your chosen organization manages to achieve global competitive advantages. In doing this, you are expected;

(1) Discuss the history of the company focusing on product and service offered.

1.1 How Ford use strategy: In term of Global integration and Local responsiveness strategies

1.2 How ford use value creation and value chain.

(2) Discuss how the firm organization its international bussiness

2.1 Include strategic alliances, Portfolio Management, and foreign Direct Investments

(3). In each topic you must conclude by analyze.


1. You must also support your arguments by analyzing company and market data.

The references must from

1.1 Book (sources 3, 2008presents)

1.2 Journal (sources 3, 2000 a presents)

1.3 Web-site (sources 3, 2006 a presents)

1.4 Written in Harvard styles