Ow Frederickson explain Sherman Alexia specific essay ?

This is my outline i need you to follow this direction exactly the same ?
How would Fredrickson (449) explain Alexieas essay (483)? ( this pages you will find it from book (Rereading America ) Eighth
Following our investigation into Manifest Destiny, we know recognize the social and historical context of Alexieas essay. Because this historical event provides the framework for your discussion, donat forget to touch upon the key points of Manifest Destiny in your introduction.
This historical event is an example of Fredricksonas social model, Assimilation. What is the definition of this model? What are key
terms relevant to understanding this model? Is there another social theory that can be applied?

The body needs to target: How does this model(s) play out in the essay?
Cultural identity: who (or what) represents the dominant group? Why are they dominant? Donat forget to bring in specific details from the text! Who (or what) represents the non-dominant group? Donat forget to bring in specific details to support your investigation!
Gender identity: we know recognize that this process can also be applied to gender identity in a relationship. After all, when a woman marries, she assimilates into the husbandas family. How does this social theory play out in this relationship?

Your conclusion: What are the broader implications of your thesis statement? Does Fredrickson offer any ideas how social groups can come together successful? Can this be applied gender identity?

-I need you to use this sources :
use this book to get all of your information that you need ( Rereading America) culture contexts for critical thinking and writing.