Ow gender roles such as motherhood and fatherhood affect the institution of marriage

For your research proposal, you will develop a research plan. A research plan is a detailed account of how you plan to carry out your research project. It should include enough information for someone to evaluate your studyas methodological approach. Your research plan will be 2-3 pages, double-spaced in essay form. Address each topic. Please include a cover page in APA format. Include all of the following:


1. State the Problem What is the sociological problem/issue you are trying to address?

2. Background about Your Topic What has other research said about your topic?

3. Research Question/Hypothesis a in 1 sentence, state your research question guiding your study. If you are doing a quantitative study, also include a hypothesis.


4. Research Method specify which research methodology you are choosing qualitative or quantitative study? State why you choose this method and how it will be used to answer your research question. Is your study descriptive, explanatory, or exploratory? Explain.

5. Population/Sample a describe the population you are planning on study (how many, age, gender, race, etc.). Who or what is your unit of analysis?

6. Observation/ Data Collection a specify and describe the type of data collection you are planning (survey, interviews, observations, experiments, document analysis, etc.)


7. Ethics a discuss potential ethical issues concerning your human subjects. How do you plan on dealing with these potential issues? Remember, all research studies have potential ethical issues.