Ow Gendered are Womens Festivals in Classical Athens? With specific reference to the Panathenaia and the Thesmophoria

How Gendered are Women Festivals In Classical Athens? With Specific reference to the Panathenaia and the Thesmophoria

This dissertation requires a strict comparison between the two festivals of the Panathenaia and the Thesmophoria, focusing on the culturally feminine and masculine aspects of the rite.

Analysis should be made on the myths in both festivals, the ritual activities, the panathenaic procession depicted on the Parthenon frieze and in the ritual itself. This should all be supported or referenced to by secondary scholarship.

All primary evidence can be found at
Please consult the Homeric Hymn to Demeter which is essential for understanding the Thesmophoria.
Some secondary sources;
Goddess and Polis by Jenifer Neils
Polytheism and Society by Robert Parker