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In writing a review of literature you are critically examining a particular aspect of GIS in depth (i.e. the material you have gathered during your literature search). You should present the literature in its wider context and then work towards identifying the relevant themes, concepts and approaches which will go on to underpin your research.

You can locate your research within GIS and contextual literature in a variety of ways:

Define the broad basis of your particular area of study (i.e. what aspect(s) of GIS is your research involved in).
Examine the various approaches taken for the relevant themes and concepts involved, how do they fit into the wider scope of GIS?
Discuss relevant classic and contemporary research and how it relates to the subject matter chosen in your research. Show how the literature presents agreement/disagreement and point to the perspective your research is taking.
Identify commonality of approach for similar studies and the appropriateness of its use in your research.
Discuss literature and previous research on your chosen case study location (what has been undertaken before/what are the relevant debates etc..).
The literature review shood consist of:

report and log of work undertaken
draft literature review
complete reference list
Harvard Method only