Ow globalisation has changed the approach to business culture in Germany

Hello , I hope you can be the angel Ive been looking for! Ive just had my Business German dissertation proposal approved but I ll never manage it all by myself. I m on a combined honours course, studying joint German and International Business. This is my proposal (but of course I m open to ideas):

The title is  How globalisation has changed the approach to business culture in Germany .

Abstract/purpose  To develop a more thorough understanding of business culture in a rapidly changing global environment. In doing so, using Germany as a specific case to apply this understanding, thereby also developing knowledge of German affairs.

Design/methodology  Examine recent literature and research findings dealing with ways in which cultural dynamics influence business. To establish a balanced conclusion, multiple examples of businesses and cultures will be investigated. Then focus with primary research in the form of questionnaires on the publishing house  Ernst Klett A.G (Once written, I can email the questionnaires to the department where I did 9 months work experience in Stuttgart, Germany).

This is my brief idea for the structure, with a few examples of what could be included.

1. Introduction

1.1 What is culture?

1.2 Investigate the ways of defining or measuring culture

Briefly Hostedes (1980) pro s and con s. Holden s (2004) new 5 point scheme approach to culture.

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2. Past

2.1 How German business culture used to be

2.2 How have Germany had to adapt to globalisation?

E.g. The challenge to fulfil the Maastricht Treaty criteria by establishing Economic and Monetary Union, by which Germany was additionally faced with the difficult task of integrating the former GDR...

Report the findings of Hardaker and Sweeney s study (1994) which examined the attitudes of East and West German managers to the process of strategic industrial change following German reunification

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3. Present

3.1 How well equipped is Germany for today s global market.

E.g. Attitude changes on the part of management and workers, a modified taxation regime, better public relations about Germany as an industrial location and various other strategies which offered some hope to the globalisation crisis... (see Bloch 1998)

3.2 Ernst Klett Verlag Case Study.

Primary Research questionnaires to the department of Electronic Media Development, to find their experience of the previously discussed issues.

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4. Possible Future

4.1 Future changes in relation to Klett

4.2 Cultures future  Keep Nationalised or Globalise.

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