Ow globalization affect small businesses?

Guidelines for Research-based Essay a English 201

Your paper should be a Works Cited page. You should use APA or MLA or Turabian according to your major field of study.

As for sources, your Works Cited page must include :

a? one book

a? three articles from well-respected news sources or journals;

a? one documentary film or significant online video of a speech or interview from YouTube, National Library of Congress, National Public Radio, etc.

a? one non-profit organizationas website or governmental website

NO Plagiarism!!!

Please note that use more sources.

Ways to make your essay richer and more interesting -

a? Include photographs with captions

a? Include subtitles

a? Shoot a few minutes of video for your own notes or for your oral presentation. (the library has Flip video cameras available for your use that are easy to use and great way to record interviews or any sort of details)

a? Interview someone with expertise who can offer a new perspective on your topic and include some quotes and reflection on the personas perspective in your final draft. I have found that students who do this generally have a much richer essay.

( Please also include Background of globalization, how globalization was in past and today, Pros and cons of how globalization affect small businesses)

** I really need to get A in this paper and I will really appreciate your help**