Ow Golden Rules of Simultaneous Interpreting are Golden (Argument)

Using a base reading of your own choice (see syllabus for textbooks, etc), OR your reading from the textbook and either examples from class practicals or other interpreting examples, prepare a research paper of some 2000 words. You will also be required to give an oral presentation of the final paper.

This is a major term appear. Your attention is drawn to the following points.

1) This is a research-based essay (so i?? do some research).
2) The structure of the paper should be as follows:
1) Introduction: This section should give enough information on the TOPIC(S) of the READING you chose and how you intend to tackle it.
1-2 pages
2) Body: Discuss with examples (Arabic/English/Arabic) the issues raised in the reading and YOUR VIEWS as to how the issues can be applied or not to interpreting, particularly Arabic.
Three main points from your chosen reading. Discuss each with examples.) 5-8 pages
3) Conclusion: Summarize the points and your views. i?? 1-2 pages
References (APA style)
Appendices (if any)

Plus your assigned textbook, you can consult these texts, and others you locate through library searches.
Pochhacker, F. & Shlesinger, M. (2002). The Interpreting Studies Reader. London:
Phelan, M. (2001). The Interpreteri??s Resource. Clevedon, UK, & New York: Multilingual Matters.

… and the journals

1) Interpreting : international journal of research and practice in interpreting
2) International journal of translation and interpreting research

Added on 15.01.2015 09:35
please dont depend on the list of rules on the outline, it is clear on page 72 on the pdf file i sent, Jone

Added on 15.01.2015 12:11
Please simplify the language used and prepare each rule to add my examples to subtantiate the idea written by my examples.