Ow Google Chooses Employees : HR Case study

This is an Human resources assignment. You are required to analyze the case study titled How Google chooses its employees”. You should apply the selection process topic in HR. Read the following instructions:

1) Read my Professors lecture notes Notes.pdf”, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU KNOW THEM IN ORDER TO APPLY IT IN THE CASE STUDY.

2) Read the case study (How google chooses its employees) in Case_study.pdf”.

3) FOLLOW the format in the sample i gave you Format/sample.pdf”. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE FORMAT. This file is just a sample answer to assist you in the assignment. Follow the format such as writing problem statements,challenges headings etc. Remember this is a sample case study (just to help you).

Note: Thats it !, just remember to read the notes (selection process) and follow the format in the sample and APPLY the concepts in the notes to the case study. YOU MUST only apply the selection process topic (the notes) in the case study.