Ow great a threat is the international terrorism to the United Kingdom?

It MUST BE 1500 words exactly.
Foot notes are as follows
a. op. cit.Following an authers name, this means the same work was qouted previously;page number still required.
b. ibid.Means the material can be found in the same book as the preceding reference but on the different page; page number still required.
c. id.Means the material can be found in the same book and same page as the preceding endnote; no page number required.
d. etal.Used when citing auther of books, etc, where more than 2 authers appear.
Bibliography Instructions:
1.The basic format is as follows:
Auther (surname first, followed by name, if available, or initials), year of publication, publication title, including subtitle, place of publication, and publisher.
Foots notes are numbered serially throughout the paper, begning with 1,2,etc, page by page and appear at the bottom of each page
Any good books or jurnals.