Ow Hamleys could expand into global market

This is module outline
Case study analysis: 50% of TMM (individual submission)
The individual assessment requires students to identify business practices and issues and to evaluate the practices against recognises models, frameworks and business practices. The final step is to make recommendations for improvement based on previous learning.

The submission for assessment is a presentation by each individual student of their analysis and evaluation of the management practices identified within the case study and proposed recommendations.

My topic is How Hamleys (toy shop in UK) could expand into global market.

-Must include four parts (Leadership. motivation, CSR and IT)
Using one of the models below describe the leadership characteristics of The Companyas Chief Executive (remember to state the name of the CEO), remember to support your answer with evidence:
a. Servant
b. Transformational
c. Charismatic
d. Authentic
e. Authoritarian
f. Democratic

The Company uses a number of methods to motivate its workforce.
g. Explain the concept of motivation using two recognised models
h. Evaluate the methods The Company uses to motivate its workforce using one of the models you have used

The Company says it corporate social responsibility is fundamental to both the way it operates and delivers sustainable profits and long-term value.
i. Describe which you believe are the four most important corporate social responsibility actions The Company takes, and explain why
Using The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility evaluate The Companyas CSR actions
The Company sees its proprietary software as a source of competitive advantage. IT employees are therefore crucial to the success of The Company.
j. Describe The Company recruitment and selection process for IT candidates, and why you think The Company takes this approach
k. Identify and explain five competencies that The Company look for in its IT employees

-What key performance indicators hamleys uses to measure their business
l. (example Describe the purpose of KPIs and the business benefit an organisation might expect from using them
m. Describe the five current KPIas and identify two additional non-financial KPIs that The Company could use and explain the business benefit these would bring

-I attached guideline.

-Recommendation is the most important part (it must be academic, not personal opinion)
-I will make a cover page, and for rest of pp slide please follow the structure.*references must be include.