Owlers Stages of Religious Development & Thoughts on Death–Kubler-Ross and Lamers Theories

There are actually two topics which need to be addressed separately:
APA format example–split up references 3/3

Module 7 TOPIC 1 (1 page-250 words):
Topic: Review the discussion on Fowlers stages of religious development. Consider what stage you think you are in, and justify your position. Then, reflect on steps you can take to get to the next level.

Module 8 TOPIC 2 (1 page-250 words):
Topic: Using Kubler-Ross and Lamers theories, describe your emotional reactions to a death that you have encountered. Which stages of these theories did you go through, and how did you reach acceptance/ recovery? If you have not encountered a death, seek out a friend or relative who has and ask them about their experience. If that is the case, please do not use their name in your journal submission.