Ownloading (Piracy) files, Music, movies etc. is immoral or wrong.

You can reword my paper topic to sound better. I just gave a general idea of what it is about. Thanks

A Guide for Writing the Research Paper

The research paper is the same kind of paper you wrote for the Position Paper. This is not a descriptive or historical paper, but is a philosophical paper in which you pick an ethical issue, take a position, and defend it using good research and a logical presentation. As with any philosophical essay, you must display an objective understanding of both sides of the issue. You will select an issue and argue your points using any of the ethical models presented in the course.

You may select your topic from any that we have studied in the book or another of your choice, but you cannot use the topics you selected for your Position Paper or Class Project. YOUR TOPIC, THESIS, AND MAIN POINTS MUST BE APPROVED. The paper will be 6 pages in length. It must include good style and proper formatting according to the criteria set forth in any major Manual of Style (Turabian, Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, APA, etc.). Proper formatting includes title paper, page numbering, grammar, spelling, footnotes (or endnotes), works cited, and bibliography–depending on which manual you are using.

Each paper must have a clearly written introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction contains a statement of your thesis, for example, I believe X is moral because it 1), 2), and 3). From your thesis you derive your main points. The reasons you believe X is moral are your main points. So your introduction serves to give your reader a guide to what the issue is and how you will defend it. Your main points then become the focal point of the body of your paper. You will use 1-2 pages to develop each main point of your thesis. The conclusion will summarize your findings and key points. It will be about 1 page. So you have about 1/2 1 page for your intro; 3-6 pages for the body; and 1/2-1 page for the conclusion. Your footnotes and bibliography will vary but will add a couple of pages.

Many of you tend to write about an certain issue from a descriptive standpoint–describing, for example, what goes into having an abortion, pictures of a fetus at various stages, etc. In a philosophical essay, however, we are not as interested in a medical description of an abortion, but rather the ethical/moral aspect of abortion. This is true for any topic. While some background for all issues is helpful (we assume we have some of the necessary facts about this topics), the focus of your study is on the moral/ethical dimension.

***3 Main topic suggestions are: 1) Publishers dont get credit for their work 2) Piracy is stealing 3) It has a big impact on the US Economy. If you have better ideas then go ahead and use them instead of mine.