Ownside Risk application to REITs and equities

Please have a look to all the attached documents as they are all very important for the dissertation

This is a very TECHNICAL topic and requires alot of research and statistical exercises and readings. I can also extend the time but I require some one who is an expert in finance and statistics as these are hard topics to be handled. I am aiming for a first so please try your best. I am current student at Cambridge University so it should be of Cambridge standards.

The writer MUST make use of STATA, SPSS and DATASTREAM for the data analysis. The main focus is that the dissertation topic is extended on the article downside risk which is attached as well.
the dissertation style of writing should be on the same style as John Cochrane article on Writing Tips for PHD students and conclusion section should be included and road map should be included too.

The dissertation must be set on the outline and why downside risk is important to equities and especially to real estate and comparison is required for countries such as US and UK. Why is it important, the theory behind CAPM model and factor prices, regression models analysis is required, control of various factors such as beta needs to be controlled and what other things needs to be included various literature is required along with detailed regression analysis. Backed with empiricle evidence and results.

Format to be followed-

Asset pricing model
Downside Risk and Beta
Other sub sections.
Data needs to be regressed and first reviewed.

the softwares are very important.
Harvard Style and coherent and consistent same style.