Ox News -analyze and report on the strategies

I uploaded some pictures of specific data, I numbered the pages, those are followed with the second pdf document (begin with page 77)

Each of you is assigned to analyze and report on the strategies of ONE of the 3 main cable news networks. (FOX NEWS)

Based on the information in the packet, and your own viewing, and your own additional research as necessary, write an approximately 3 page analysis of your assigned network as follows:

(a) Descriptive Profile: Note: we will use these categories to set out the competitive situation on the board at the beginning of the class. (Set out your written answers ACCORDING TO THESE CATEGORIES.)

1. Main subject matter content (eg, general news, financial news, etc.)
2. Format (eg, hard news, talk show, debate, etc.a¦)
3. Political orientation
4. Style (eg, opinionated, bold, cautious, etc)
5. Demographics (age, income, gender)
6. Other differentiating features (other ways it distinguishes itself from the other cable news networks, especially individual personalities)

(b) Quick summary of your networkas recent strategy

c) Competitive strengths and competitive weaknesses of your assigned network. Relative to the competition, consider the advertiser and subscriber/viewer markets, as well as possible cost advantages your network may have.

Be prepared for a written exercise at the end of class (or possibly due the next class) in which you will be asked to make and justify strategy recommendations for your assigned network.