P & Control and Evaluation of Jessops Company.


You have joined Jassops marketing department in the UK and have been asked to recommend a marketing plan for Jassops to stop the decline and ensure continued growth in the future.
You should think about new ways in which Jassops can improve its position in the market and create alternative revenue streams.
You have agreed the plan will include:

1. Proposals for each of the 7Ps;
o Your report will explain how you will use or adapt the tools of the marketing mix;

2. Control and evaluation;
o Which will show how you will measure the success of our marketing plan.

PS: I just Need 3P not 7P . ( People, Process , Physical Evidence )

A presentation about the “Jessopscompany which includes Control and Evaluation strategy and 3P ( People, Process , Physical Evidence ) . Control and Evaluation of this company and 3P if its like my opinions for the company.

And also I dont want 1500 words of Presentation . 1000 Words will be presentation ( 5-7 slides ) and 400-500 words of a small report about my presentation and the subject which includes; Control and evaluation”3P(People, Process , Physical Evidence )