Write a 2 page paper APA formatted (word-processed, 12 pt Times New Roman font style, 1-inch margins all around, double spaced), STAPLED (NOT PAPER CLIPPED!). Include in your paper 2 references that support your understanding of what health care administration is. At least 1 of your references must be a peer-reviewed article. Include 2 direct/exact quotes from your references within the body of your paper,Your paper should respond to the following 3 questions in this order:

(1) How do you personally define health care administration?
(2) Why do you define it this way?
(3) How do your articles support your definition?

Again, you must include 2 direct quotes from your article in your paper and, of course, these quotes should be cited APA.
An abstract is not needed. You are required to use APA format to cite your references within the body of your paper as well as use the APA style for your reference page . The reference page is not a part of the page count