Page paper comparing/contrasting two stories by Flannery OConnor


Locate and read a copy of a short story by Flannery OConnor that isnt in the list below and compare it directly to at least one of the stories listed below (or to all of them more generally) in terms of the following:

style (identify at least one SPECIFIC similarity)
symbols (again, identify at least one specific similarity in the type or effect of OConnors use of symbol in each story)

OConnor List:
A Good Man is Hard To Find
Good Country People

Please note that the book used in my class is The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing. 7th ed. It would be helpful if you have this book so that you can quote properly. If not the just please let me know where in the story you are quoting from (paragraph) so I can correct the quotes.