Page paper industrial organization assignment (I have sources)

This paper requires you to collect real data on prices, product characteristics and industry structure (I have a data). The student needs to provide a well-structured paper that contains the following parts:

1. Introduction: Motivate why the student chose the topic that he/she chose.
(My teacher suggested)

2. Data collection and data description: The student should explain here what data and how the data was collected.
(Teacher gave us the sources and we collected data. Finally teacher put together that materials and he sent us back)

3. Results: Here the student should display here the main results of his/her research. He/she can do that by creating a table, a graph (scatter plot with/out fitting line) or regression results. The student should provide an interpretation of the results.

4. Discussion and Conclusion: Did the student find the results that he/she was expecting? If not, why not? Finally, the student should offer conclusions of the research.

This assignment will consist of a number of steps:
1. Hand in data sheets, one week per student, on Thursday July 23rd. The student will enter the data as indicated and return it by email before Monday.
2. Return data sheets in class on Monday.
3. I will combine all data and send it to all participating students on Tuesday. I will do this after checking on Monday afternoon that no data entry mistakes have occurred.
4. I will hand out a list of exercises and explorations that can be done with the data. The student is welcome to experiment with it and explore it in different ways.
5. I will hold a research meeting on Wednesday or Thursday off class hours. Time and place is yet to be determined.
(I did until this part and I have a data for you)

6. This assignment will also be due in class on Monday August 3rd.

Your topic could be:

Some of the topics that you can explore with the data that is available is the effect of competition in price, the effect of competition on price discrimination, the impact of bundling, the effect of market size, the demand for movies.