Page paper on a contemporary artist / designer using ornament

Objective: To examine the motives and ambitions of a contemporary designer (or design collective) in their use of ornament as a strategic element in their work.

Process: Choose a designer who uses ornament as a critical tool. Analyze a body of work created by the designer to identify and understand the references embedded in it. Examine the relation of technique(s) to conceptual development and discuss the social, political, and ideological implications of their work. Consider how the self-conscious use of ornament today might differ from past uses of ornament as commonly understood formal language. Which of the five theories of ornament (discussed in this course and listed below) are operative in their design?

” As deceit, dissembling or lie

” As grammar

” As anti-grammar

” As social speech

” As cultural speech

i need the name of the artist, thesis statement and the outline of the essay before next wednesday if its possible.