Page poetry essay theme, content & meaning

Name of poem to write essay on: The Naming of Catsby T.S. Eliot.

I have included the poem (with line numbers) with my attachments.

Also included in my attachments is an instruction page and suggestion (and things to think about) list.

Ive also included a sample student essay of how our professor would like the paper be. This is only a sample and I included it because I feel it will help you in what I need. The sample paper includes the poem. Our 2 pages does not include the poem just the essay itself.

Ive also included a list of cats names Eliot uses.

I feel the instructions page will give you a lot of help.

Please make sure to notice how the opening paragraph w/thesis statement needs to be and also how my professor want Eliots name listed. The full name at the beginning of the paper and only his last name or author or writer referred to in the rest of the paper.

Also please pay careful attention to how my professor want the poem to be sited in the paper. Its on the instructions page. Just MLA style.

Thank you. If you have any questions please let me know.

This is for my Writing II (ENG 200) class.