Pages left) Project Plan Document for dissertation on building a virtual reality game for people with learning difficulties

Hi I have seen the work you did and read it in detail. There are two things I want you to do:
1. There was supposed to be a Gantt Chart included with the paper which you did not include so I need that done as soon as possible. It should have been the last thing to be done after the conclusion. Please include this.
2. For my thesis I have to design a game for people with learnin disabilities. The game could be an interactive game designed using flash or C++ proramming languages. I can also see from the paper you wrote earlier that you talked about virtual reality and decision making but you did not talk much about the game much in the tasks and introduction and aims. You need to talk about the game extensively and how it would help people with learning disabilities. The work is ok looks professional only needs a few tweaks in the write up in certain areas. I spoke to my supervisor and he said it was ok but he wants me to focus a bit more on the purpose of the project which is to enable people with learning disabilities play the game so that it could improve their mindset and help them make decisions. The game would also have various levels of difficulty as well. The project plan should talk extensively about the game and its role in helping them. Please email me back if you think you get the drift. It looks ok but please revise it a little bit.