Pages Research paper: One Child Policy and Two Child Policy (China)

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Added on 15.04.2015 23:46
Dear Writer, Please see the comments from the Processor and provide me the revision paper: You have a good deal of wonderful information here, but there are some specific issues you will need to focus on as you revise. The biggest issue is one of organization. There is not really a logical flow to your argument (as you jump back and forth between discussion the one child and two child policy). As a result, you repeat yourself a lot throughout and it is unclear what the overall purpose of the paper is. Identifying your purpose at the end of your introduction will go a long way toward making your paper appear less as a kind of i??information dumpi?? and more as a well thought out argument. I have also suggested a structure for your paper below that you will want to adopt as you revise. This will help you avoid so much repetition and give your paper a more logical flow: Introduction (making sure to end this section by identifying the purpose of your paper) Social Effects of the One-Child Policy Economic Effects of the One-Child Policy Critiques the Policy (both inside and outside of China) The Emergence of the Two-Child Policy (addressing how it came into being, what social and economic problems (as well as critiques) it was responding to, and what its goals are) Description of the Two-Child Policy (addressing how it is being put into practice) Anticipated Effects of the Policy (addressing how you expect this new 2-child policy will affect the social dynamics and economic situation in China) Another issue is one of citations. There are several times throughout when you present information without letting your reader know where you got the information from. You will want to pay particular attention to this as you revise. Take a look also at my comments in the first few pages of your attached draft.”