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From the book:

The Arts of Deception: Playing with Fraud in the Age of Barnum by James W. Cook.

pages: (1-29), (30-72), (73-118) and (119-162)

or IntroductionChapter 3

Topic: What was Barnums role in the discriminatory culture of the 19th century? Was he exploiting and profiting off the marginalized, and thus marginalizing them further, or rather offering them opportunities to thrive financially and challenge social expectations?

-needs to have thoughtful engagement with problems in American culture. YOur answer should remain closely tied to Barnum text.

Mechanics: The response paper will be 2 to 3 pages long single spaced. You should focus on one question. The paper should incorporate each of the readings included in the thematic sections to which they apply, but should not simply answer the questions in Q&A style. Your work should have a thesis statement and organized paragraphs around the statement. Although response assignments can include your opinions, I will still expect formal and polished language, as well as appropriate footnote citation.

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