Pain Management) letter to my subject examiner

Hello this letter to my subject examiner
I will ask her to see if I am right track
First I want you mention that about the last meeting ( Thursday 25 August )
I discussed with her my assignment ( pain Management) I attached to you the draft , the draft is Ok I need a letter to her nothing to do with draft right now
Mentioned that I appreciate her cooperation in this matter and her suggestions
Which are include are rewrite a outline( which you done this ) in introduction, should be argumentative essay , and I Take from her permission to use some articles from Saudi Arabia which I will upload to her the articles ( in this case can you ask her if we can use some studies from Saudi Arabia which is support some nurses have lack of knowledge of non-pharmacologic pain interventions if you see that right) or any study because statistics is require to support idea feel free to ask her any question on behave me about assignment
When I saw her last week she said to me ( I am not going to read draft just make dot points)
Can you please summaries each body paragraph within few sentence to give her an idea about what I am writing
Mention that as you ask me to sent a points not draft to see you in right track that why I am sending this letter .
At the end If you can add more Pleasure sentences for her
Thank you