Pand The Man Who Was Almost a Man”

Provide a 4-page Literary Response Paper on the two short stories, A & P& The Man Who Was Almost a Man(both texts attached).

IMPORTANT: The adolescents in several of the stories have youthful and mistaken perceptions of manhood. What does a?being a mana? mean to you? Compare and contrast what acting like a man means to Dave in a?The Man Who Was Almost a Man,a? and to the bagboy in a?A & Pa? and whether their actions are what you generally would consider appropriate and wise for one who has reached manhood.

Points to Remember:

Engage your reader in the first part of your paper.

State your thesis clearly and UNDERLINE YOUR THESIS.

Develop paragraphs that support your thesis, and use use quotations from the text and secondary sources.

Write a conclusion that is more than a restatement of your thesis. You will, however, refer to your thesis in your conclusion.