Paragragh essays (must use 5 paragraph format)

Prompt: Some high-school counselors believe that participation in extracurricular activities is more important than academic achievement as preparation for future occupational success.

Write an essay in which you argue either that extracurricular activities or academic achievement provides better preparation for occupational success. Support the position you select with relevant examples from your experiences and observations.

Prompt: The relationship between the economy and family life is often seen most obviously in the working lives of parents. Often young children are cared for by someone other than a parent. Experts and parents alike debate how children are affected by the person providing their care. Based on your own family experience, explain the relationship between parents work life and childrens development.

Prompt: The school board is considering a proposal to add a community service requirement to existing high school graduation requirements. If passed, students would have to complete fifty hours of community service between the start of ninth grade and the end of twelfth grade. The community service could include such things as volunteering at a hospital, day-care center, or senior citizens center; working on environmental projects; or working with homeless families.

Assume that some community service requirement will be adopted. Prepare a presentation for either the school board, the parent-teacher organization, or the student council arguing in favor of the proposal as it stands or specifying an alternative.

Prompt: Family valueschange as society changes. As a result, ideas about how children should be raised change.
A. Write a letter to one of the following audiences in which you compare and contrast at least two of your ideas about raising children with a minimum of two ideas of the adult or adults who raised you. You may address the letter to the editor of a parenting magazine, family pediatrician, or a teen-age son or daughter.
B. Revise the first two paragraphs of your letter by addressing one of the other two audiences.

Prompt: Proponents of using animals in medical research point to advances in treatments of human diseases that have followed such experiments. Animal rights activists, however, note that proponents are willing to kill in hopes of preventing human suffering. They argue that human suffering is not a reason to cause animal suffering.

Decide whether or not animals should be used in medical research. Prepare an argument for an agency that funds medical research in which you justify your position. Support that position with relevant examples.