Paragrah essay about:Textual analysis of the short story:The lottery”1948 by Shirley Jackson

The assignment is to write a textual analysis of the short storyThe Lotteryby Shirley Jackson.Identify by what means the text accomplishes its purpose:how it does what.Break up the text into its component parts to determine how meaning is constructed.Examine the writers style and the texts construction. For example, you might consider the following elements:What, where,and when elements(title, setting, plot, structure). Who elements(character, narration, point of view, tone. How elements(imagery,symbol, syntax diction, figurative language).
How do a few of these particular literacy elements work together to create the theme of the story.
Shape a thesis:
The topic can be revised and specified to become a thesis. A good thesis statement should be a complete sentence. It should be an assertion, not a statement of fact, because it should be something that needs to be proven to your readers, which is your argumrnt.For example, a Topic Everyday Usecould be expressed in one word, heritage. A THESIS for an essay on heritage in the story might read as follows:Alice Walker uses title,character, and symbol to express how different members of a family construct their heritage.The thesis above tells the reader everything he or she needs to know before they read your analysis essay. the essay must be a 5-paragraph essay with introduction(may be talking about the plot in the story The lottery”
Thesis statement including three elements(for example: Title, character, symbol)
Development which is 3 paragraph with a topic sentence in each paragraph supporting the thesis statement and a summary conclusion. You can use the story The lotteryas a source and you can use another source just list it and where you get it from. Please follow these instructions.Thank you.