Paragraph essay on poetry explication about three poems(look for detail carefully)by robert frost

The essay is about three poems for explication:The death of the hired man”,Directive”, and The Oven Birdby Robert Frost.In these three poems that I give you I would like for you to discuss themes in poetry as part of the explication also use the poetry terms as ideas for what you can look for in the poetry. The essay must be in five paragraph with introduction and thesis statement(10 to 13 sentences)
the three body paragraphs each one must start with a topic sentence ( each paragraph must have 12 to 15 sentences)
Conclusion (summary)must contain 12 to 15 sentences).
Use just these two Sources below:
1)Blooms Major Poets
edited and with an introduction by harold bloom(Comprehensive Research and study guide)Robert frost.(This is a book)
2)Google Blooms literary reference online(

Copies of sources must be attached to the essay.The title of the book must be cited on Works Cited page along with the second source(
Sources must be cited parenthetically in the essay AND on the works Cited page.
please follow these instructions that I give you.Thank you.