Part Paper 2 questions Please see Order Instructions

Paper Instructions

a? All questions, typed double-spaced, font size 11 or 12

a? Start a new page for each question. Re-type the question at the top of the page for each question.

a? Answers should be no more then two pages per question. Please stay within that limit. Resist the temptation to say everything you know related to the question.

1) Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative research methods. Discuss similarities and differences. The question should be based on a?Best practices for Organizational Changea?. Outline a research proposal using quantitative approach and one investigating the same question using a qualitative approach. Research proposal means describe the procedure using a quantitative approach and describe a second procedure using a qualitative approach.

2) Using the topic a?Best practices for Organizational Changea?, discuss two different sampling strategies that would apply to your question. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two strategies as they apply to your question.

Reference book required for questions 1 & 2

Leedy, P.D. (2001) Practical Research Planning and Design. MacMillan Publishing, New York. Any edition (i.e., 8th will work, 9th would be best).

Reference book required for question 3