Personal Development Plan) What is the change you can make in the world and what will be your resources, challenges and impact

This is the assignment of Leadership Study. The following is the instruction.

Produce an integrative critical paper on a?What is the change you can make in the world and what will be your resources, challenges and impacta? This would include a critical reflection upon sections 1-3 (Section 1: Students self-awareness and personal development; Section 2: Exploring and understanding change agents in action; Section 3: Planning, implementing and reflecting upon a change initiative)
Intended learning outcomes for the essay

a? demonstrate a capacity for understanding the resources, challenges and impact of change agents
a? demonstrate critical insight into the practical aspects of leading change
a? reflect upon personal resources, challenges and impact as a change agent.
a? critically appraise own actions through self-awareness
a? reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses (Anything can be ok)
a? demonstrate good written and oral communication skills
a? show good independent study skills
a? reflect upon lessons learned (I will upload images that were discussed in class)

This needs to be a good academic piece of work with citations and references. (citations from the lecture notes are not appropriate for a 3 year level essay). Make sure that you use academic material combined with your reflective and experiential learning.
There are many changes that you can make in the world. For the purpose of the essay concentrate on those that will help you utilize the literature you read and your Personal Development Plan.

I will upload PDF files for references shortly.

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(In Class) These are the result of the discussion about change agent.

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These PDF files are recommended references.

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I did leadership development portfolio.
It will help you to do the tasks.

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Sorry the file was an incomplete version.
I uploaded word file.
The title is Leadership Development Portfolio Completed version”

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I wrote something about myself
You can use it for this assignment
the title is what changes I can make (Brief)