Persuasive speech) Preventing exposing our kids to Violent video games (negative effects of violent video games on youth)

I wrote a paper on this topic already but apparently its not in correct format or the format he wants so Im giving this a try.
This is to be a persuasive speech given in the problem / solution format style. I am a mom of 3 boys and would prefer it be written from a parents type of perspective or someone w/ familiarity on this topic. He wants us to discuss opposing views first and argue our viewpoint w/ stats and/or quoted material for support at the same time. Finishing up w/ (parental, societal, etc) solutions and how we can implement them. (At least half need to be book sources…Grossman, Gentile and Anderson are the most supportive to my side of the argument)I have quite a few tables, books and stats already. Not sure what other info u need. I mainly need a strong body as I wrote mostly from an emotional viewpoint.