PEST)EL analysis rigid plastic container

I need the environmental and legal analysis of rigid plastic container. We have a case study which I will upload in a few minutes. The countries which have to be covered are: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Germany and Italy. The subjects which have to covered for the environmental part are:
1. Trends towards environmental sustainable production demand of customers
2. Pollution problems of the respective countries
3. Environmental regulations
Subjects which have to covered for the legal part:
1. corporate taxes
2. employment law
3. If the commercial law is adapted to European regulations
4. Property law
There are just some points which popped up in my mind. Probably you will have to adapt other points.
IMPORTANT: Every fact that you give has to be sourced. I have to hand in a paper so they will check if I sourced correctly. If say something like the corporate taxes of China is for example 23%, you will have to source that. Second important thing is that you have to find the same information for all of the given countries. If not I wont be able to compare these countries. When you say something about the employment law for India, you will have to find the same information for Germany and all the other countries, that I can decide which country fits the best to expand for our company.
The number of sources I chose fifty because I have no idea how many you are going to use. If there are more sources needed, dont hesitate to choose more.
Another important thing about the sources: Please make sure that you only choose sources from the internet. Because I will have to be able to check them. If you source the information with a book, I wont be able to check it. SO ONLY SOURCES FROM THE INTERNET WITH LINKS! Thank you very much