PI ( Application Programming Interface) Theory part exam as a coursework.


This is an exam to be taken as coursework. This exam has 5 questions.

I will send the lectures that have the answers. However, the information that exist in the lectures are like a hint or start point which mean you got to illustrate it more and more by using information from the internet (Remember the information that in the lectures is just hints).
So what you have to do is read the question and then find out the hint in the lectures and then search in the Interne to go depth.(do not start searching from the Internet straightway)

This the last attempt for me if I failed Iall loss my master degree. So you need to apply what you know, develop your thread of discussion. Remember you are taking your reader through a journey; you need to start at the beginning of the topic and guide your reader through the relevant pieces of information until you reach the end. You should help signpost all along the way.

So please notice that writing a piece of coursework that is suitable for a masters level degree is not just about repeating the answers from a set of slides. To pass a masters level piece of work you must demonstrate that you not only understand the topic matter, but can think and apply what you have learnt.

Each question has the same mark so please divide the words into 5 questions depends on its mark.
I need 20 references (if it is possible), all of them from the Internet (no books).

The references have to be a Harvard style.

In the writing I prefer using some answers as points if it is possible
You will find the lectures in the zip folder as well as the questions.

I am diving in the project otherwise I will do it by myself. So please do not miss. Because I used this website several times and some times I got unreadable papers.

please I wanna short and sweet writing to repeat the words I prefer quality rather than the quantity