Pidemiology and Applied healthcare statistics Week7 Assignment

FINAL PROJECT: Go to your state health departmentas website (my state is NJ)(for example, Alabamaas state health department website is ). Identify the health concern of your choice.
Write and submit a paper (5-7 pages in length. This page count should not include the title page and reference page although a title page and reference page IS REQUIRED) addressing the following:

a) Chosen topic and rationale

b) Problem statement

c) Current statistics in your state (including graphs, charts, etc.)

d) Comparison of statistics in your state to national statistics

e) Description and synopsis of noticeable trends

f) Your opinion of contributing factors (social, environmental, behavioral, etc.)

g) Your suggestions regarding how your state should address the issue.

*Note: You may use the website if you are unable to locate the one for your state. APA format is required